• Author of King Beatrice and Love Letters from an Insomniac

  • Obsessed with Cinnabon and traveling

  • In serious boss-mode, but enjoys passionately belting Disney in the car

                         Evangeline's ideal world includes constant companionship from otters (because they are just the cutest things on the planet), zero traffic, and weather always being 75 degrees with a slight breeze. Realistic? Probably not, but it's nice to dream.

 She's from Michigan, but has lived all over the country, currently calling Austin, Tx her home. Some of her fondest memories include pretty much any time she gets french fries or gets fed in general.


Working in Human Resources by day, traveling around the world, working for a non-profit foundation, studying Japanese, and improving her art, Evangeline decided it was finally time to get down to business with her true passion--writing! 

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