Meet Alex!

He's not a bad person. Really, he isn't. It was just that he was past the point of trying to convince people to believe in him. Others didn't even feel as if he was a "bad person" just not a person worth any effort. He was just the quiet loner in the corner who got so scared asking out his crush in the 5th grade that he pissed himself in front of the entire school. After that, he was only concerned with keeping his head buried in his science books and avoiding all human contact.

It's not until he meets a girl that he would otherwise despise that he begins to wonder if maybe he is worth something after all--worthy of change, courage, and even happiness.

Alex will learn to grow into the man he was meant to be thanks to his King Beatrice.

"Problem was, he wasn't strong...He traced over the scar on his face from that night. He wasn't strong at all. He had a moment of courage and that was it.

But he could change."




I felt more connected to Alex as I made this board and wrote the description above. He is a character who may be a little hard to love, but is worthy of it nonetheless.

Finding the bottom left image felt especially powerful to me; Alex is reaching for something more.

I can't wait for you all to meet him in the book!