Meet Beatrice!

The world was suffocating. Around every corner Beatrice stumbled upon yet another reminder of the pain she was fighting so hard to forget. Every day was a fight that she desperately needed an escape from, so she did. She escaped.

The girl ran and ran and ran until she came across what she would later name Lorial Pass where the tree limbs hung like the arches of cathedrals and where if she listened closely, she swore she could hear the strumming of a harp against the wind. She found life in the woods where few dared to go. She found the beauty in the dark, twisted trees, in the lonely stream, and in the overgrown paths that seemed to welcome her as if their existence was by her hands.

And there, where she met a dear boy and his furry companion, she felt love and, for the first time since that tragic day, peace.




I had convinced myself that Beatrice would be the easiest to write between her and Alex for these aesthetic boards, but she turned out to be the most difficult--she's such an anomaly!

"Beatrice exuded such peace and joy in that moment that it would appear to anyone else that she was the epitome of perfection; that she had never once felt pain, never felt alone, never once dared to question her beauty. As she floated in those moments, Alex prayed that she would stay that happy forever."

Beatrice is the light of this story and you will fall in love with her quirkiness from the very beginning! You can read more about Beatrice in my book King Beatrice. You can find the book trailer and links to buy copies here or buy a personalized hardback here.