Scene Release!

He saw her.

She was a wave crashing upon a shore, a terrifyingly gorgeous display of beauty, tranquility, serendipity, and chaos all at once.

She was nepenthe.

She struck a chord within him, a chord that sounded a euphoric melody and a hideous ringing that shook him to his core. The boy didn't know whether to run from her or to her, but when she turned, her bright eyes grazing over him for just a second, nothing else seemed to matter. She smiled and Alex couldn't think of a more spectacular view.




I'm so happy to be ablate finally start releasing scenes and quotes from my book, King Beatrice!

Look forward to more every week!


The cover design has been finalized, King Beatrice is now available for pre-release reviews (if you'd like to be apart of that, send me a message to get an ARC!), teaser trailer process has begun, and I'll start working on merchandise for giveaways in the upcoming days!

There's much to look forward to

this month up until the launch date!